Around the Internet: Nov 27th 2012 Edition

Thank you, Matthew Inman, for being entertaining and also so, very spot on.

I love the word gumption. There’s something so 1950’s, turn the world on its head while wearing killer red lipstick about it. Ash nails it in her post last week. Here’s to living life with gumption.

The Mister and I are definitely on-board with the whole having a family deal-e-o, and we’ve spent a ton of time thinking about what we want our lives to look like when, in a couple years, we add little ones to our party of two. I love my work and my crazy, big ideas though, and there’s so much discussion in our culture as to whether or not it’s possible to have both. I like to think so, but it’s not like I’m really working off of experience here. So, it was nice to read KC’s post about the dreams and families aligning rather than be mutually exclusive. I’ll hop on that train, please.

Okay, so I think Jennifer Lawrence is the bomb-diggity. No, seriously, she says hilarious things and doesn’t seem to care much about what people think. If you haven’t seen her interview on Ellen where she talks about her mom filling out her Oscar ballot. Go. Watch.

Winter wonderland is in full bloom in my brain. I am ALL ABOUT the snowy, peppermint flavored, twinkle-light lit theme of the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would live in this Tumblr blog if I could.

I pretty much bookmarked every single cookie recipe in this post, and I wish I could spend the next 25 days making all of them. SEOmoz, want to pay for your marketing project manager to turn into a resident cookie baker for the next month?


  1. kc says

    Hey, KP! First off, you have the sickkkkest typesetting on your site homes. I LOVE IT. It reads, get this… LIKE A BOOK. :) Masterful. Lovely. Easy to READ.

    Secondly, thanks for stumbling upon my site. You can totally have kids. I can’t speak enough how profoundly #RADTACULAR having kids is. We’re lucky in this life if we get to experience L-O-V-E on any level, let alone finding a partner.

    But taking that to infinity by having kids that are simultaneously their own little perfect people, AND look like you?


    Happy to help in any way. The manifesto thangy I released last week has a lot to say about family… How to do the dance.

    It’s sooooo worth doing the dance.

    Much love,


    • says

      Hey KC! Thanks! I just downloaded your Framework Manifesto. I can’t wait to dive in and read it this weekend!

      And seriously, thank you for putting your awesome energy out into the interwebs/Universe. You’re spreading a really kick ass message, and let me tell you, it really makes an impact.

      Keep doing what you’re doing!

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